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"Agriculture is a fragmented and widen sector in the World. Connecting the input suppliers, traders, processors and the produce handling companies from the farmer to the consumer is a great challenge. The challenges have been accepted and overcame by the giants. But where is the efficiency and real time tracking of the organization??."

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Our Products


It is an app to public to educate shrimp farmers about the shrimp cultivation ,market price and weather. scientist guide them digitally through video or scientific recommendations to their queries via this app.


This app helps in connecting the copra buyers, provides them a chat corner with SPC owner and price negotiations and orders takes place digitally.


This app helps the tourist or visitors not to miss any of the places like boating, pond, birds, children’s park and helps them to know about the tree and birds varieties found in the park.


It is software application which provides a platform to digitalise each and every operations of farmers under Tamilnadu Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops.

Petty Cash

This app provides a digital solution in maintaining the petty cash. This app provides a lively interaction between the cashier and employee and the amount spend on each reason can either be accepted or rejected .

Pannai Produce

Wholistic app in recording and managing from future orders followed by delivery and payment made out to each produce and maintaining individual customer history and balances to be paid.

Amma India

This app provides information to both members and guest user of AMMA India about the members of AMMA INDIA , News feed and programmes to be conducted .


This app helps in taking orders and delivering it in time and provides a digital calculation algorithm to display the customer pay balances and vessels balances.