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Kultivate Software Suite

"Kultivate is a software suite which aims to bring the latest information, communication, and big data science technologies to agricultural enterprises. It is a holistic software suite that addresses several unique requirements of agricultural enterprises."

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Kultivate Products

Software for Different Sectors

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Cloud Computation System

  • Stores protocols, crop and varietal info, weather data, pest occurrences, soil data etc
  • Generates actionable items from data
  • Serves data and intelligence to mobile/web apps
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    Mobile App for Field Officer
  • Maintains comprehensive information about each farm, crop stages, contact info, lat-long coordinates, plot history etc
  • Provides categorized actionable items for the day/week
  • Overall input forecast & produce predictions for all the farms for a given period
  • Gives ability to log notes, photos on farmers' individual practices
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    Mobile App For Procurement Officer
  • Route mapping for efficient procurement process
  • Procurement request from farmers by missed call
  • Grade aware procurement system
  • On farm billing
  • Cross-buying-proof supply chain management system
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    Mobile App for Farmers
  • Communicates personalized advisory to farmers for each crop, each sowing
  • Acts as a two way communication channel between farmer and officers
  • Provies a documentation platform for farmers
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    Web Portal for Executive
  • Provides insights into the progress in real-time
  • Presents relevant data and help taking informed decisions
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    Input Management System
  • Helps in centralized input inventory management system that works with all Field officers
  • Avoids excess bulk stocking of inputs
  • Enables effective distribution of inputs, saves 40% cost
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  • Trace the produce from which farmer, area and type of processing
  • Enhance the visibility and transparent
  • Ensures compliance and safety
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